After travelling several times to Canada, Heidrun  decided to  move to the South Shore to open a Dance Studio in 2006.

As a teenager, Heidrun was very active in many sports and dance. In 1980 she began a three year education to become a state certified physical education (PhysEd) teacher in Germany. She then completed another three years of training to become a professional, certified dance instructor. Heidrun worked in a large German dance school for the next seven years where she taught Latin, Ballroom and Jazzdance for all ages, as well as Performance Troupes and different kinds of exercise classes. After seven years of gathering valuable experience she opened her own dance school.

Since 1992, Heidrun has managed her own dance school. She taught Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Boogie-Woogie, Tango Argentino, Line Dance, Jazzdance, Hip – Hop,  and different Performance-Troupes. The dance troups, trained and managed from Heidrun, also appeared at many events where they performed Jazzdance and Hip–Hop. In addition, their dance troups took part in many dance championships. Through her work as choreographer and trainer, she achieved, among other titles, German Vice Master status. As a Fitness Insturctor she taught different exercise classes, did constulting and programs in the weight room (Gym) and worked as a personal Trainer.

I look forward to seeing you in some of my classes.